Alchemy concrete works

concrete + wood + steel = alchemy


We create one-of-a-kind concrete sinks, counter tops, furniture, outdoor pieces, floors, fireplace surrounds, and we’ll even try one-off ideas if you’ve got something you want to see in concrete. 

We are committed to understanding and reducing our impact on the natural environment. Toward that end, we are continually seeking out cleaner and greener materials and processes. We use eco-friendly concrete through environmentally friendly mixes, use of local material sources and recycled decorative accents.

what we do
Conceptualize to your vision and specifications. We create the forms. We mix, add pigments, add many different materials, wood, glass, metal or whatever comes to thought, pour concrete into the mold. Let it cure for a few days. And then comes the magical step of breaking open the mold. Alchemy. The expression of your individuality.

Like those alchemist of old who tried to transform base materials into gold, we use the latest developments in concrete fabrication to create artful and functional fixtures and furnishings.