alchemy concrete works

Purveyors of finely crafted concrete goods.

Accents of wood and metal thrown in for good measure.

We are committed to understanding and reducing our impact on the natural environment.

Toward that end, we are continually seeking out cleaner and greener materials and processes.

We use eco-friendly concrete through environmentally friendly mixes, use of local material sources and recycled decorative accents.



ramp sink with old barn wood cabinet

Bathrooms are the ultimate place for concrete sinks and vanities. 

Maybe bathrooms aren’t the first place you think of concrete. But concrete bathroom sinks and countertops can mean a sea of change for the way the room feels.   With the color and design options at your disposal, concrete sinks are really only limited by your imagination! You’ll also be surprised at how warm and inviting concrete can be—with the right design. 

The most stylish plumbing fixtures were designed with exactly these types of counters in mind.

Bathroom vessel sinks stand out like sculptures in the room almost like a vase for the faucet.

Concrete pedestal sinks and vessel sinks
make an interesting bathroom centerpiece as well.

And because the bathroom is small, the concrete design you choose will bring the room powerfully to life.

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a little bit about us

  We hand-craft concrete by integrating metal, wood and stone into incomparably strong and beautiful designs with a tactile smoothness.  The concrete we craft turns unlike elements into warm and engaging designs. 

Michael Carpenter -  I am a second generation concrete fabricator, and have over 15 years of experience in decorative and standard concrete applications.  This has provided me the ability to conceptualize, design and create with colors, edges, and shapes, using the material in many different forms.  I have always been drawn to the juxtaposition of how something liquid can become hard and the shapes which one can invent from it.  There are still standing concrete structures over 2000 years old.

The Pantheon in Rome, was completed
 about AD 125, and is still standing. 
My designs consist of shower surrounds for bathrooms, floors in homes and businesses, counter-tops, furnishings and sculptural elements for the garden. Concrete tables appeared in living rooms, sinks were combined with counter tops and fireplaces sprang to lifeYears of product development has resulted in a tried and true formula that still remains open to the individual tastes and sensibilities of architects, designers, and homeowners.

Christina Barone - I have a background in Fine Arts and became acquainted with concrete as a medium a few years ago.  I discovered there is a dance between what I can do and what the materials naturally do. It makes each piece, each pour, exciting and somewhat unpredictable.  What this means to a final piece may be in its color variation, texture, or hairline cracks. Every piece, from beginning to end, is made by bare hands. Every inlay is thoughtfully placed. I make every attempt to simplify and let the beauty of the materials speak for themselves and I hope you will feel that handmade vibration. 

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Panzero Project

Thank you to the Panzeros for letting us chronicle the concrete designs in your beautiful home. 

                                                      If you click on a photo a slide show will begin.

Products for your living space

Concrete top with fern leaf inlay and locally milled Black Locust.
Concrete tables are one of the best ideas in decorative concrete design. These tables are solid and last forever. They’re much harder to scratch than wood, and the design options are endless, and you can integrate wood or metal and other materials to warm up the design and increase your stylistic options.

All of our work is custom and any product can be customized to integrate your requirements. 

Weathered Sage concrete top with antiqued steel base and reclaimed wood shelf.

Console Table with concrete top in Antique Brown, steel base and reclaimed wood from a Seattle warehouse circa 1906.

Concrete table top

Concrete top with sea glass on a steel pedestal base.  A piece like this can sit outside year round and develop an aged and graceful patina.

Metal and wood structures create a platform for smooth and sleek concrete surfaces with infinite variety of color, shape, finish, and texture.  We fabricate the metal and wood work along with the concrete piece.  We can customize colors, finishes and size to your specifications.   

This rolling cart is made with ultra light glass fiber reinforced concrete, we used recycled sea glass and also fabricate the steel work.  $1100.00

Wall unit with concrete shelves and steel frame, prices range from $800 to $1,300 dependent on your specifications.

Rolling kitchen cart with concrete top in Padre Brown at $800.00 

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kitchens and more

counter tops
Your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and when its designed to reflect our personal taste it makes the time we spend there a real pleasure.
Concrete kitchen countertops beg for your customization. Kitchens can be such imaginative rooms—with concrete your countertop doesn’t have to be plain and common. Integrated sinks, integrated cutting boards and trivets, decorative inlays, stencils, exposed aggregates, backsplashes, drop faces, and metal edges are only a few of the countless options possible. By combining these design options with your imagination and our craftsmanship.

concrete counter-tops

your own design or ours?

trivet strips

Please see our options page for some of the many different types of finishes, sinks, designs and inlays that are available.  

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concrete counter and sink options

Let your imagination run free with some of the concrete counter options we have:

cutting board
drain board
soap dish

trivet strips

heavy aggregate
lite aggregate


glass inlay

some of the concrete sink styles we can fabricate: 

ramp sink

your design or ours?    

double sinks



deep trough

deep tsunami
shallow tsunami

shallow trough

 Please visit our bathroom and kitchen pages for other ideas!

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Each concrete floor is unique, often customized with the input of the owner. There's no predetermined color palette to limit designs. With concrete, the floor can be customized to blend with other architectural elements and to fit a given space. Radiant heat can be incorporated into your flooring.  For more details about radiant heat please scroll down. 

Concrete harmonizes well with other building materials, such as metal or exposed wood beams.

What Is Radiant Heat?

Before a concrete slab is poured, tubes or electric heating elements are placed and attached to wire mesh. Concrete is then poured over the tubing to within two inches of the concrete surface (depending upon the design and installation technique. Read more about
types of radiant floor heating systems from the Radiant Panel Association.

Get the Radiant Flooring Guide from Radiant Panel Association.
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Lower Heating Costs
  • Comfort
  • Healthy Air
  • Silence

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fireplace surrounds

Our fireplace surrounds provide you a new way to experience concrete. Designed with contemporary lifestyles in mind, they combine the warmth of nature with modern values.
Our concrete fireplace surrounds are elegant and refined, providing a stunning focal point without overwhelming your space.

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about concrete

Working with concrete means practically limitless possibilities. You can have a concrete sink reminiscent of a French cook-room as a kitchen centerpiece…or a burnished concrete dining table with subtle flecking and pressed leaves in its top surface.

It’s not just about versatility; concrete is a beautiful material in its own right with its own set of benefits.
  • Earthy – Concrete is an all natural substance which combines elements like sand, stone, and cement. Because it’s not synthetic, expect pleasing variation instead of manufactured uniformity. Each piece of concrete has its own story.
  • Eco-friendly – Our concrete is eco-friendly in a number of ways.
    • Many concrete mixtures use recycled material. We use VCAS. It is post-industrial waste which directly replaces cement in our mix. We can also replace sand and aggregate with recycled glass.
    • Concrete is not a petrol-based synthetic material. Making these materials uses high amounts of fossil fuels and releases dangerous chemicals into the environment. Cement production isn’t perfect, but has significantly less impact on the environment than the manufacture of petrol-based materials.
  • Durable – Using a soy concrete sealer on your decorative concrete piece will last scratch- and stain-free for decades. (A caveat: Cutting directly on the surface will harm your knife more than the counter-top. Placing hot items directly on the surface will mar the sealer and create a milky surface.  Under normal circumstances your concrete sealer does not need to be re-applied, but can be used to touch up a scratch.) We recommend a carnuba-beeswax polish to maintain your surface shine.
GFRC v. Conventional Concrete  

We predominately use a glass fiber reinforced concrete ("GFRC") for our work but can also do conventional.   

GFRC – "glass fiber reinforced concrete" is actually cement mortar with countless strands of embedded glass fiber; it is a true composite material. It does not have the graded rock aggregates or steel-reinforcing bars normally associated with concrete.  The principal material asset of GFRC is tensile strength or the ability to have strength when stretched. This tensile strength characteristic also creates dramatically enhanced impact strength. It shares equally the two primary assets of conventional concrete, which are compressive strength and longevity.

Conventional concrete has the trait known as "brittle failure" because it has a semi-crystalline structure, which tends to shatter on impact.   This is not the case with GRFC, as it does not experience brittle failure. The glass fiber tends to hold the material together because the fibers are dispersed randomly and lay in all directions within the material matrix.  

GFRC allows for:
  • complex and intricate concrete shapes
  • finish is completely smooth and pin hole free 99% of the time
  • 35-75% lighter than conventional concrete
  • 1" in thickness 

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We create one-of-a-kind concrete sinks, counter tops, furniture, outdoor pieces, floors, fireplace surrounds, and we’ll even try one-off ideas if you’ve got something you want to see in concrete.

We are committed to understanding and reducing our impact on the natural environment. Toward that end, we are continually seeking out cleaner and greener materials and processes. We use eco-friendly concrete through environmentally friendly mixes, use of local material sources and recycled decorative accents.

what we do
Conceptualize to your vision and specifications. We create the forms. We mix, add pigments, add many different materials, wood, glass, metal or whatever comes to thought, pour concrete into the mold. Let it cure for a few days. And then comes the magical step of breaking open the mold. Alchemy. The expression of your individuality.

Like those alchemist of old who tried to transform base materials into gold, we use the latest developments in concrete fabrication to create artful and functional fixtures and furnishings. 

coming up 

Come check out some of our new products at the 2014 Spring Seattle Home Show from Saturday, February 16 to Sunday, February 24 at the CenturyLink Field Event Center.  

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