alchemy concrete works

Purveyors of finely crafted concrete goods.

Accents of wood and metal thrown in for good measure.

We are committed to understanding and reducing our impact on the natural environment.

Toward that end, we are continually seeking out cleaner and greener materials and processes.

We use eco-friendly concrete through environmentally friendly mixes, use of local material sources and recycled decorative accents.


a little bit about us

  We hand-craft concrete by integrating metal, wood and stone into incomparably strong and beautiful designs with a tactile smoothness.  The concrete we craft turns unlike elements into warm and engaging designs. 

Michael Carpenter -  I am a second generation concrete fabricator, and have over 15 years of experience in decorative and standard concrete applications.  This has provided me the ability to conceptualize, design and create with colors, edges, and shapes, using the material in many different forms.  I have always been drawn to the juxtaposition of how something liquid can become hard and the shapes which one can invent from it.  There are still standing concrete structures over 2000 years old.

The Pantheon in Rome, was completed
 about AD 125, and is still standing. 
My designs consist of shower surrounds for bathrooms, floors in homes and businesses, counter-tops, furnishings and sculptural elements for the garden. Concrete tables appeared in living rooms, sinks were combined with counter tops and fireplaces sprang to lifeYears of product development has resulted in a tried and true formula that still remains open to the individual tastes and sensibilities of architects, designers, and homeowners.

Christina Barone - I have a background in Fine Arts and became acquainted with concrete as a medium a few years ago.  I discovered there is a dance between what I can do and what the materials naturally do. It makes each piece, each pour, exciting and somewhat unpredictable.  What this means to a final piece may be in its color variation, texture, or hairline cracks. Every piece, from beginning to end, is made by bare hands. Every inlay is thoughtfully placed. I make every attempt to simplify and let the beauty of the materials speak for themselves and I hope you will feel that handmade vibration. 

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