alchemy concrete works

Purveyors of finely crafted concrete goods.

Accents of wood and metal thrown in for good measure.

We are committed to understanding and reducing our impact on the natural environment.

Toward that end, we are continually seeking out cleaner and greener materials and processes.

We use eco-friendly concrete through environmentally friendly mixes, use of local material sources and recycled decorative accents.



Each concrete floor is unique, often customized with the input of the owner. There's no predetermined color palette to limit designs. With concrete, the floor can be customized to blend with other architectural elements and to fit a given space. Radiant heat can be incorporated into your flooring.  For more details about radiant heat please scroll down. 

Concrete harmonizes well with other building materials, such as metal or exposed wood beams.

What Is Radiant Heat?

Before a concrete slab is poured, tubes or electric heating elements are placed and attached to wire mesh. Concrete is then poured over the tubing to within two inches of the concrete surface (depending upon the design and installation technique. Read more about
types of radiant floor heating systems from the Radiant Panel Association.

Get the Radiant Flooring Guide from Radiant Panel Association.
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Lower Heating Costs
  • Comfort
  • Healthy Air
  • Silence

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